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Within my 14 years as a Marketing Manager for TMS Motor Spares I was involved in many forms of marketing. From designing special offer flyers for in-house and commercial printing to magazines and creative marketing campaigns.These projects also found themselves in front of the customer via social media and email campaigns using Mail Chimp.

These are just a few examples of promotions, special offers and magazine content in which I created using Adobe In-Design and Photoshop. I also used similar techniques in producing support material for the business development managers, showcasing products and services of the company.

Due to my experience I also worked along side the purchasing team to choose and negotiate product deals from suppliers for future promotions. To close a deal with the supplier and then transfer directly into marketing was extremely gratifying, especially with proven success. “We Secure The Deals to Save You Money!” became our motto, customers appreciated this and took advantage of the deals.

Knowing the industry and then transforming it into marketing content in-house was a huge benefit to myself and the company. It also allowed us to broadcast products and services quickly and efficiently to the customers. 

Please note these examples are no longer current.

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